Thursday, May 29, 2008

BREAKING: Lobbyists Not Getting Bang For Buck

A swelling chorus of complaints prompted the crack, and I do mean crack, ONN Team to rush this production to video:

A visibly angry Darth Cheney responded.

"Look, I've done everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that SithCo has asked me to do. Just because this planet isn't an utter and complete shambles yet, doesn't mean I won't accomplish it. Everybody knows the challenges I've had with the Death Star, and SithCo has been a little slow with the bucks, yaknowwhadimean?"

Calls to the Empire for further comment were not returned, however members of the White House press corps who wished to remain anonymous agreed that it appears they do all the twisting and groveling, and that the White House and Congress do not seem to be doing their fair share. "It's just not fair," one source said. "You think there would be at least some honor among thieves, but the old saying is probably true."

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