Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"No We Won't"

[Asbestos shorts on? Check! Fire extinguisher close at hand? Check! OK...here we go.]

Senator Obama is the presumptive nominee. Senator Clinton plans to keep on campaigning. And with that we've entered a bizarre new world of amped up character destruction. Does this seem familiar? It should, since it resembles the political environment of the mid-90's when Republicans were doing their level best to destroy Bill Clinton. Now...ironically...we see the same tired charges being slung by, of all people, the Obama supporters!

Clinton is destroying the Democratic party. The Clinton's have buried so many bodies, we'll never find them all. This is the crap that substitutes for reasoned political dialog, and...if you're unlucky enough to have been a Clinton supporter, well then your a turncoat that'll just as likely vote for McCain as support your party when the rubber hits the road—A page right out of some Rovian playbook.

Here's the thing though. Not only does the the Democratic Party need every supporter from both sides of the primary debate, if the two sides come together, we're unassailable. Do you hear that? Unassailable! So if the Obama supporters would just lay off for a few minutes; give a woman who ran a tenacious campaign her due; and explain to those of us on the fence why, exactly, we should support a Congressional dilettante, then maybe we'll win this election.

In other words live up to your campaign slogan and stop acting like puerile children. The alternative is to keep telling the Clinton supporters to, "... drink the Obama Kool-Aid or f*ck-off," and watch McCain steal the election out from under your golden boy.

It's what the Republicans are counting on. I guarantee it.

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