Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jump to the LePhD?

Today's the day that mobster Jump to the Left defends her doctoral dissertation at UCLA. With any luck she'll find herself dressed something like this for at least part of a day in the not so distant future at her Hooding Ceremony.

That regalia ain't cheap by the way. The economy minded grad will shell out nearly $300 for cap and gown, the deluxe route going for almost $700. At that price, you might try to find some way of converting the ensemble for more everyday use. Or I would suggest she do the unruly thing, ignore convention, and wear her robes every casual Friday for the first year after the ceremony. And BTW, I understand the colours are a UCLA tradition, and non-negotiable. Ha!

At any rate, the entire mob is on pins and needles about this one, and sending Jump our best thoughts. And we're all hoping (some no doubt praying) that this form will be filled out in the proper fashion forthwith. Then I can finally talk to you about this nagging ache I've been getting in my shoulder.;)

Recommended activities for the evening after such an ordeal would include a glass or two of good wine, some dark chocolate, maybe a relaxing bubble bath, and some smooth jazz or even classical music to listen to. I can supply some of that last bit on both counts. A jazz version of a classical piece. Hope you like it Jump.


Bach Pastorale in C minor

Pastorale, Part 2

SHE PASSED! Not that any of us had even the slightest doubts that she would.

I mean seriously, the woman is brilliant.

UPDATE 2: To read Jump's latest post, go HERE.
Les Enragés.org homepage


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