Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ragebot - The Battle Over Bush's Legacy

Blognonymous is dead. Long live Ragebot!

(SBT suggested that I cross-post this tidbit, the first "real" post on the new blog.
Thanks SBT!)

I read recently that Americans United for Change are going to create a fund to ensure that George Bush is 'deprived of his legacy'. By which they mean that they want to keep buildings, bridges, highways, memorial hedge-funds, new debt-consolidation instruments, public restrooms, etc... from being named in his honor. And you know what I say to this: What an enormous waste of $8.5M!

George W BushWho the f*ck cares if idiots want to name their public works after the worst president in history? Let 'em. It'll be a continual reminder to America of our folly in electing such a moron, not once, but...uh...well OK...once.

I mean is it any wonder that 'ol Ronnie Rayguns reputation is starting to tarnish? Ronnie of the monumental debt burden, of the economic policies that wrecked the middle class, of the dismantling of the social safety net? Why do you think it is that he's coming in for so much criticism these days? I'll tell you why, because Republicans went on a naming spree after Reagan left office. Reagan is f*cking everywhere. Here's just a selection:
  • The USS Ronald Reagan (nuclear powered aircraft carrier)
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) (I still can't think of it as anything but 'Washington National')
  • The Reagan Highway (US 14), Memorial Tollway (Interstate 88), and Freeway (CA 118)
Jeez they even want to rename the Pentagon in his honor--how appropriate is that?--and put his smiling mug on the $10 bill. Might as well just rename the country Ronnieville.

And so it could be with Bush. There's no doubt that the 30%'ers are gonna keep pushing the tired canard of how Bush protected America, fought the t'rrorists, blah, blah, blah... So if we let them go on their own naming spree, Bush's reputation will suffer because we'll continually be reminded of what a monumental ass-wiping, Constitution busting, prick he was.



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