Sunday, January 13, 2008

All We Are Saying

I have seen much unruliness in our mob.

This pic is inspired by our Australian mobster, Aunty. It's in a town in OZ called Cronulla. People were disagreeing. Way much. Obviously.

Here's the deal. People are supposed to, and MUST disagree. On ideas. On ideals. On hope and dreams.

These things: ideas, ideals, hopes and dreams make us so totally unique and individual, that they're indistingushable from making us ourselves, and human.

Strange how on reading this, I capitalized MUST, but I didn't capitalize IDEAS, IDEALS, HOPE or DREAMS. Glad I realized that. Anyways to continue...

There need not be conflict between the religious left, and the non-believers on this blog. There are more than one set of things that unite us on either side of the belief aisle:


It's peace that I really wish to address. Have a look:

I am a non-believer in a belief system for the most part in the U.S. that is given for granted. I think that peace and justice goals transcend uber-religio-belief goals. I believe those goals are transcendant themselves. Just look up the word "transcend."

Ultimately, I believe we live and do what we believe. So for the religious left, we, the agnostic or athiest left must make room for the religious. For those who are religious, with that ever important small "r" , those religious folk must let us us non-believers on the left be free as well. There is so much cross-over.
The reason why? It's because we live as we believe. Totally makes the difference. And thus, each of us make a difference.
Bottom line, belief is as belief does.

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