Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drop a Dime

Stop Dick Cheney Before He Kills Again!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled unruliness to bring you this important Public Service Announcement. Today is National Call-In Day, and we ask you to contact your congressman in support of Congressman Robert Wexler's efforts to impeach Vice President Dick "Darth" Cheney. More from After Downing
Congressman Robert Wexler is organizing his colleagues to ask House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers to begin Cheney impeachment hearings. Wexler is asking his fellow Judiciary Committee Members to co-sign a letter to Conyers. We support Wexler in this, and we are also asking congress members not on the committee to send their own letters to Conyers. Please Email your Congress Member here:

Then please call the Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121. They can tell you who your Congress Member is if you don't know, and they can connect you to their office. Ask your representative to urge Chairman Conyers to begin impeachment hearings against Dick Cheney. This is especially important if your representative is a member of the Judiciary Committee. Once you've sent your Email and made your phone call, please urge everyone you know to do the same. If you have further time to help advance impeachment, please call and Email the media.
We remind our visitors that Cheney is an unprincipled psychopath, and possibly responsible for more deaths than anyone since Pol Pot. He is motivated by an unbridled greed and will spill untold amounts of human blood in his quest to increase the value of his substantial portfolio in oil stock. Should you encounter Cheney, do not approach him, and definitely DON'T contact authorities unless you want to end up in a secret prison in Eastern Europe. If you can get close enough to tell him to go f#@k himself, good on ya'. It's not easy to do,
but not impossible.

Please take the time to make this call. The Vice President cannot, repeat CANNOT be allowed to complete the Dick cheney evolutionary cycle. If he ever emerges from his current pupal stage, he will be unstoppable.

And yeah, I know that it's been a long time since a pay phone (if you can find such a thing anymore in the era of the cell phone) only cost a dime. 'Drop a Dime' is just a figure of speech. We now return to our regularly scheduled unruliness.

h/t Ellie from comments.

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