Thursday, March 01, 2007

Athletes, Celebrities Caught in Steroid Sting

Barry Bonds says he's getting death threats. As he closes in on Hank Aaron's home run record--Bonds needs 22 home runs to catch Aaron--people seem pissed off at him for some reason. Could it be because at the age of 42, his power is manufactured in a laboratory?

People, death threats? That seem like an extreme response to someone achieving a high position in American life based on lies. Come on guys. Calm down and settle for something more fitting--like impeachment followed by removal from office, a trial at the world court after which he can spend the rest of his life in jail.

Wait... wrong post.

Anyway, there's more trouble with the roids, and this time, the spotsholes have company from the celebrities. Turds of a feather...

From Reuters:
ORLANDO, Florida - Authorities broke up a suspected steroid ring in Florida on Tuesday that is accused of distributing anti-aging treatments to celebrities and muscle-building drugs to professional athletes.

At least eight people were arrested in Florida, New York and Texas and up to 24 people face felony arrests following a year-long investigation led by the district attorney of Albany County, New York, officials said.

"There are celebrities involved in the case as consumers," Albany District Attorney David Soares told reporters in Orlando.

Officials also confirmed a report in Albany Times Union that the investigation could expose steroid use by current and former Major League Baseball players, National Football League players, bodybuilders and college and high school athletes.

Jeepers, who would have thought sports stars and celebrities are a bunch of big fakers? Good thing we value them so little in our culture.

By the way something, who do you all have going to the final four? Go Gators!

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