Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Iraq News

Senate Passes Deadline, Bush to Veto, Saudi King Blasts
Occupation, Murtha, Murphy, McCain is Nuts, More

The Senate passed a non-binding call for troops to begin leaving Iraq in 120-days. Bush immediately burned rubber over to a podium at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association where he vowed to eat the yellow-liver of every Democrat in Congress. Seriously, this speech sucked. We need an intervention.

While Congress works on that, you can fuel your white hot rage with another sad installment of...

...The Iraq News:
VIDEO: Bob Geiger has the video of John Murtha and Patrick Murphy's floor speeches from last week.
VIDEO: John McCain tells Wolf Blitzer that there are sections of Baghdad that are perfectly safe for walking around in. Sure. Why don't you lead the way and we'll follow close behind, Senator.
VIDEO: Baghdad correspondant Michael Ware thinks John McCain is smoking some really good shit (Crooks and Liars).
VIDEO: CNN--Bush on Iraq, Then and Now.

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