Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Operation Bite Off More Than Bush Can Chew

Here we fucking go again.

I don’t know if this is a hoax, paranoia dressed up as serious journalism, the classic echo chamber or the straight and skinny but Naomi at God Is 4 Suckers emailed me this link that indicates we’re attacking Iran. The story was relayed to our shore by Webster G. Tarpley, co-author of the book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.

It had gotten some play in the blogosphere the day and the day after the story came out but, eerily, it hasn’t hit the American mainstream media, indicating that either 1) This is a hoax that can’t be taken seriously by any self-respecting journalist, or 2) It’s true but so fantastic that it can’t be taken seriously by any self-respecting journalist.

If it is a hoax, then it’s a very plausible one, considering the blood-spattered backdrop of the Rapturish Bush administration.

According to Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov of the Argumenty Nedeli, we’re launching an assault on Iran on April 6th in a massive, 12 hour air strike called Operation Bite. Of course, this story, while it may be fairly new (March 25th), is hardly news. I’ve been saying for months now that we’re going to hit Iran anytime now and Global Research and the Arab Times have been saying the same thing since at least the middle of January. What’s notable is that the April date has remained intact all this time, which indicates a specific timetable and an unshakable, longstanding agenda.

Don't forget Bush's naming of Admiral William "Fox" Fallon to replace Gen. John Abizaid as head honcho at the Central Command early this year. At first it looked to be yet another bizarre, inappropriate appointment by our bizarre preznit until one re-examined Fallon's biography a bit more closely and realized that he was exactly the sort of guy that Bush would need for an air/naval war with Iran.

What’s scary is that the US and Great Britain may at last have their Gulf of Tonkin/USS Maine incident with Iran’s kidnapping of the 15 British sailors. What’s odd is you’d think the Iranian press would be screaming about this imperialist Anglo-American aggression. Yet not a word has come out and I’ve been to at least four or five Iranian newspapers online. Plus, the only sources for this story seem to be Tarpley, a syndicated columnist, who in turn got it from Uglanov. It’s impossible to double source this, much less triple source it but then again Sy Hersh is still the only guy reporting on the Cheney administration funding al-Qaida sympathizers through Cheney’s office and us sending special forces across the Iranian border to provoke unrest between religious factions.

So, if you were to seriously entertain this, Hersh is saying “Divide” and Uglanov is saying “Conquer.”

However, there is this story in Novosti, the Russian News and Information Agency, that, while not specifying a date for an attack, seems to bear out the Uglanov/Tarpley story. What’s eerie is this line: “He said the Pentagon is looking for a way to deliver a strike against Iran ‘that would enable the Americans to bring the country to its knees at minimal cost.’”

Gee, when did we hear that before? Oh, yeah. 2003.

The one nuclear power plant not slated to be hit by this hypothetical air strike in which 20 targets are specified, is the ironically-named Bushehr plant, which is supposed to get a free pass on account of the Russian engineers who work there. That would be the Russian engineers who were rumored a week ago to have left Bushehr over billing discrepancies (The Russians poo-poohed the exodus exposé while the Iranians claimed to have paid the Russian firm in full for the NPP fuel and construction costs).

Now, we all know that Bush considers criticism and advice from his detractors as "noise". If he wants to have his little Gibson-esque Apocalypto against them damned heathen Persians, then well, what Junior wants, Junior gets and time's a'runnin' out.

If this is all true then I agree 100% with, of all people, Pat Buchanan when he said on the 20th that if we ever launch an attack or, God help us, start a full-blown war with Iran, Nancy Pelosi’s going to have to eat it. It was Pelosi, don’t forget, who took a big blue eraser to the military spending bill that essentially gave Bush the power to attack Iran without Congressional approval because poor defenseless little Israel is afraid of big, bad Iran. No doubt news of Pelosi’s complicity produced many wet crotches at the last AIPAC conference.

And, as usual, when I said last year that Pelosi’s elevation to House Speaker would be an unmitigated catastrophe, I was ignored. When I told people that we were invading Iran I was ignored and derided.

Well, we’ll find out in just over a week and a half who was right and who was wrong and God help us all if I was right.

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