Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Crazy Christians Caught on Tape

I've been collecting video and audio clips from the Christian Witness for Peace in Iraq worship service last Friday in the National Cathedral that spilled over into St. Albans and the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and in some 200 local churches around the country.

Go here for three audio clips of testimonies given in the Cathedral worship. Celeste Zappala talked about the death of her son, Sgt. Sherwood Baker. The Rev. Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson, representing the World Council of Churches, said, "It's hard to be a Christian in Washington." And Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners said to thunderous applause, "This war is ... an offense against God." I'm still hopeful that Rev. Warnock of the Ebenezer Baptist Church (historic home church of Dr. Martin Luther King) will be posted. It was on his words that I patterned my meditation below.

Here's a videotape of Mr. Logan Laturi, Iraq war veteran and peacemaker, reading from the reflections of Joshua Casteel, U.S. soldier.

And here's a videotape of the first two waves of unpatriotic and heathenistic peace loving Christians defying the law of the Holy Chimperor by crossing the street to the sidewalk in front of the Whitehouse where they will kneel and pray for peace.

As you can hear at the end, the police did not want the 300 wave coming across. In fact, over 700 defiant disciples stood in line ready to go. And did you notice how they went two by two? Just like how Jesus sent out the disciples.

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