Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UF Student Tased at Kerry Appearence

As He Says, "Don't Tase Me, Bro."

This takes the cake.

A firebrand, an earnest college kid packing a book, Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast, got a little full of himself at a John Kerry appearance at the University of Florida on Monday evening. Instead of being able to handle a situation, the police had to cook the guy.


When a student was brutally tased at UCLA, you would have thought that campuses around the country would have taken notice. Of course, it had to be my University that smooches the pooch.

It's not difficult for police, with a five-on-one advantage, billy clubs, training, back up, even pepper spray, to remove one admittedly spastic, hyperactive activist.

Also of note, they cut the student's microphone because he said, "blow job" in reference to the Clinton impeachment. And what was up with John Kerry? He's up there cracking jokes as the kid is getting smeared by the brute squad. Kerry did come out against the police's use of the taser today.

This was bowling shoe ugly. A sad day for the University of Florida.

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