Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Good News From Oz!

Good News From Oz!

The Government is afraid of The People.

The Great Wall of Sydney is making life safe for the thousands of distinguished bureaucrats and world “leaders” arriving for the APEC meeting (Article from Sydney Morning Herald). Sydney has bought a new toy giant water cannon to keep away the hordes of the unwashed. The Australian Mounties have to stay home because of a very contagious form of horse-flu that has become epidemic in Oz, so the 5,000 or so anti-riot patrols will have to hoof it in their hob-nail boots. Black Hawk choppers and other birds of prey are in flight to protect our beloved leaders.

There will be protests, even though the Police Commissioner claims that they are “illegal” (really, his term). So far, they have been peaceful and creative. One of my favourites is the World Record Moon Attempt on September 7.

Woe to students playing hookie to join the protests, there are truancy patrols about. That will teach those rebellious kids a civics lesson.

John Howard didn’t even turn up in person to greet his master upon the blessed landing of Air Force 1, instead attending the National Rugby League Player of the Year awards. What a putz (being a Yiddish word for the great Australian term, dickhead).

On the agenda of the APEC meeting is climate change. These masters of war are very concerned about climate change. So much so, that Australia is going to sell Uranium to Russia. It will only be used for peaceful civilian energy production, be assured. After all, this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (set to lapse in December, 2009). Even though Russia seems to have a helluva lot of the stuff in its own ground ( ).

Well, why not? Among Australia’s yellowcake buyers are some of the most upright and incorruptible regimes in the world ( ). India and China also covet Oz’s yellowcake, but they will have to keep using their indigenous sources, which I suspect they would keep right on doing anyway. Civilian use of nucular materials is tightly monitored and audited, with every alpha, beta, and gamma particle accounted for. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to work. It is easier to keep those pesky IAEA inspectors away from sovereign and holy military sites where “off the books” uranium is not being enriched and no research in nucular bombs is being undertaken.

This is nucking futz, to claim that nuclear reactors can provide clean energy ( ). The nuclear chain, from mining and processing, to building reactors (even the new-generation reactors), dismantling them and cleaning up the waste, not to mention storing it for hundreds of thousands of years on a planet encrusted with shifting tectonic plates, is the most perversely poisonous and expensive endeavour that humanity has ever tried.

The financial subsidization of nuclear energy undermines availability of funds by developers of truly green technology. Beware the governmental/corporate complex that promotes private profit while using public funds to shore up such a shaky enterprise. It is expensive not only in monetary terms, but in cost to life downwind through time.

This is the most important issue facing us as human beings. The consequences of the choices we make today will have comprehensive effects on life, life-force, generativity, whatever you want to call it, forever. What else are we, but part of that life-force? You might die, but life goes on. That’s karma by another name. What we do today is going to affect us tomorrow.



Let’s not follow the yellowcake road to hell, even though those who will profit claim their intentions good. There are better paths to progress. This is only one issue being scrutinised by the public. The government should be afraid of the people. The people are waking up.

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