Friday, September 07, 2007

Idaho Conservative Group 'Jumps Shark' To Support Craig

Not content to simply accept the mind-boggling stupidity of Senator Larry Craig's actions, the conservative Idaho American Land Rights Association decided today to 'Jump the Shark' in support their favorite stall-crawler:
In a lengthy e-mail to supporters ALRA head Chuck Cushman accused police of "ambushing" Craig, and said the airport has "effectively declared war on the West."

"Frankly, I've been in that Minnesota airport many times. Virtually everything Senator Craig did, I have done. I have a medical problem that means I must find a usable stall quickly... I've actually made noise outside a stall to encourage the person inside to move along as fast as possible."
One wonders if Mr. Cushman realizes that he basically characterized himself as a Turd Burglar? Well, no matter... Responding on behalf of the great State of Minnesota, Blognonymous' very own Frogette says:
Well ya know... We just don't go in for that type of behavior around here. What Mr. Cushman does in airport bathrooms in his own state, is his business, but we're just protecting our families. And, ya know, threatening our airport there, well that's just not nice. I don't think Mr. Cushman would like it very much if Minnesotans stopped buying their potatoes, don'cha know.
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