Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Iraq News

Four Years Since Mission Accomplished, Bush to Veto Spending Bill, Bloody April, Blair Out Soon, Harry In Soon, Biden, More

Today is the fourth anniversary of George W. Bush's declaration of the end of major military operations in Iraq wearing the flight suit in front of that despicable banner that said, "Mission Accomplished".

What better day to stomp the life out of any hope of ending the war anytime soon?

Here's the Iraq News:
VIDEO: Mission Accomplished! Not!
VIDEO: Former CIA officer Ray McGovern dropped quite the bombshell on Tucker Carlson's show. McGovern pins the Niger forgeries on Dick Cheney and a "cottage industry of former intelligence agents that did a rather amateurish job" (via Crooks and Liars).
VIDEO: The Iraqi Parliament is about to recess for two months. Wait, what!

VIDEO: Joe Biden on Bush veto--"We're going to shove it down his throat".

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