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Criminal Intent

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Palast Video, Part II

Palast Video, Part III

OK, in case you were still wondering what the prosecutors' purge was all about, these videos from Greg Palast lay it all out. All the credit goes to BradBlog and Democracy Now! I was tipped by this comment from Chicagokid at Americablog.
Greg Palast exposes true intent, cover up and criminal acts of Bush administration's US Attorney scandal. In summary, it's about wrongfully charging Democrats with made up crimes in order to influence the outcome of elections. In other words, it's about stealing elections or subverting our democracy. Just more evidence of the Bush administration's stated goal of turning America into a one-party state. Which comes pretty close to meeting the definition of treason.
The evidence in part comes from 500 of the 5,000,000 emails delivered into Palast's hands due to a mistake by someone in the White House, who sent them to instead of Yet another smoking gun pointed at the very heart of the White House, but the big question is, will the wound even bleed? If the MSM once again fail to report this, as far as the American public is concerned, it didn't happen. And don't expect the Democrats to kick up a fuss, even though they are the injured party here.

Here's a quick partial transcript I typed up, the closing statements from part III.
Palast: He's [Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.] saying, and Iglesias is suggesting now with this evidence, that it rises now to
obstruction of justice.

Democracy Now: And interestingly, McClatchy newspapers reporting as part of the strategy the Justice Department Civil Rights Division, (reading) "has sought to roll back policies to protect minority voting rights - and [in] virtually every significant decision affecting election balloting since 2001, the division's voting rights section has come down on the side of Republicans."

Palast: Well, even worse, what's not covered there is that they covered up the active attack on legal voters. I mean, we're talking, these caging lists we have in the 500 sheets, the 500 emails - we have 70,000 names, that's one state. This is a multi-million dollar, gold-plated attack operation on the right of minority voters to vote. And obviously Griffin knew it because he was in charge of it. So you actually have the guys who are supposed to be protecting voters are either actively covering up, or even actually participating in knocking out legal voters. It's like the mob has grabbed the police department. That's the problem by the way with voter fraud, with real voter fraud, not the phony stuff of grabbing the Juan Gonzaleses of New Mexico. If you win, you've now grabbed the apparatus of protection and enforcement. It's the perfect crime.
Yes it is the perfect crime. But it seems unlikely that anyone in the Bush White House will ever be found responsible. As this post at C&L points out, things aren't actually done by responsible individuals at Bu$hCo™, they just 'magically' happen.

Feel free to express your outrage in comments.

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UPDATE: Head over to fellow unruly mobster Station Agent's homepage at Ice Station Tango for more on this, including a podcast of Greg Palast discussing the case with Randi Rhodes. Always a good place to chill out, but this podcast contains critical details about this story.

UPDATE, v. 2.0: Thanks to this diary at dKos (and thanks for the link BTW, Jamess), I am now aware of a series of short YouTube videos of Greg Palast and John F. Kennedy Junior speaking in New York on May 1, a lot of it on the subject of these caging lists. There is tons of information here, hopefully enough to put KKKarl Rove behind bars for a long time. Total viewing time 65 minutes, 45 seconds. I would agree with Jamess that it is an hour well spent. I will just link to the first in the series. You can add parts 2-6 to a quicklist from the 'related videos' column on the right immediately, you have to scroll down the list quite a ways for parts 7 and 8.

Palast and JFK jr. in New York, Mayday, 2007 - Part 1

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