Monday, February 18, 2008

Simpsons vs. Star Trek

Greetings. I am from the Planet Unrulia.

In the years that we have been receiving your earthly generated communication waves, a great debate amongst my people; "Simpsons or Star Trek?" has arisen.

[Enterprising Unrulians shall seek out and find this theremin playing creature and the pianimal. They would be fun to have at parties it appears.]

We really, really like the theremin playing by the yellow helmeted bozo.

This is a political ad, yes? But we can't tell WHO this unruly ensemble is backing for your next United States president? Is it Kodos or Kang? I can't believe they would be for the Kirk Party. He switched from the Space-o-crats to the P's (Priceline) you know.

Thank you.

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