Saturday, February 16, 2008

And The 'Asshole of the Week Award' Goes To...

Harry Reid!!!

Kvatch spoke with the Senate Majority Leader from the AT&T Congressional Hospitality Suite at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Senator Reid, on Thursday, after the President criticized Congressional Democrats, you said:
The president could have taken the simple step of requesting new authority from Congress ... but whether out of convenience, incompetence, or outright disdain for the rule of law, the administration chose to ignore Congress and ignore the Constitution...
If this really is your position, couldn't you have tried harder to stop telecom immunity legislation in the Senate. What about a filibuster?
Well Kvatch you know filibusters are hard! They take a lot of time and your throat gets dry doing all that talking. Plus the President promised to 'make me cry like a little girl' if I didn't get the Senate to roll over on this one. Not to mention the fact that AT&T threatened to cut off my DSL connection. You just can't stand up to the administration when faced with that kind of pressure.
But the only mechanism citizens have of discovering the extent of Bush Administration lawbreaking, civil lawsuits against the telecoms, could be taken away.
Come on Kvatch...don't take it so hard. Lawsuits cost money, lots and lots of money. You don't really want to squander what little you do have suing big companies like Verizon, now do you?
Well Senator...many of those suits—
I'm sorry Kvatch, but I'm afraid that I'm going have to go. There is a nice young woman here who says that Hamachi tastes 'so much better' if I eat it off of her stomach.

Come here sweet thing...


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