Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well, Well, Well

While "I told you so" may not be the ideal campaign slogan, I'm not running for anything, nor am I running the Democratic Party, so I can pretty much get away with it.

I have consistently maintained that dropping the T's from ENDA was just not a good idea; ethically or practically. While others will go on and poo poo me and people who think like me, basically saying that I don't know how legislation get's done in DC, I knew exactly what I was seeing.

We are not in an era of expanding rights; au contraire, we have been watching our rights shrinking. Deliberately and dastardly done so by the current regime. Seeing our pool of rights shrink a) how can you not be outraged and b) how could you ever possibly believe that legislation for ANY minority set would be passed in this session of Congress?

Lo and behold! The Chimperor shall not sign any ENDA legislation. Surprise? Not.

I really do wonder about the backstory. What could possibly have been dangled in front of Barney Frank and others to get them to hop on the "Hey, you guys probably got a chance if you'll dump the T's" bus, when little old me, far from DC could see that there was no way rights were going to expand for ANYBODY.

Barney Frank must have had a hell of a lollipop waiting to be snatched because he went as far as to say this:

...Underestimating your enemy is the surest way, not only to lose, but to lose so bad it is hard to come back.
And underestimate he did. It sure will be hard to come back now won't it Barney? Given the Bush Dogs, I am sure that there was not a veto-proof vote count when they decided to drop the T's, and now with the tenor of the "staff memo" all full of fundie-isms, there's no way the whole thing isn't dead.

Doesn't it feel great to compromise your principles for nothing? I didn't think so, when all we want is to break free. "Imagine that." - Churchlady.

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