Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Strategery and Trickeration

During these endlessly long Bush years goofy terms like "Strategery" and "Trickeration" have entered the vernacular of sports fans over the last seven years or so. The terms are always used in a lighthearted, faux-moronic, Bush-like way. When a coach busts out a tricky play some drunk jackass might yell out "trickeration"! I thought Bush actually coined "strategery", but it was Will Ferrell doing Bush on SNL in 2000.

Well, look out leftists, the GOP is out to employ some subtle trickeration and strategery all over your asses in an effort to overcome the disadvantage of being the political party that allowed the worst President in history to completely fuck up America for eight years.

They're going to pretend the whole thing never happened. They're planning to run against Hillary Clinton as if she's the incumbent and--this is classic--they are the party of change.

Crooks and Liars has the scoop on that one.

I can only offer an metaphorical representation of this wicked media-aided GOP strategery in the form of some serious trickeration from Trinity University's football team.

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