Sunday, October 21, 2007

Everybody Knows...

Now what?

Bush now has a mere 24% approval rating, congress has 11%, and Cheney is the least popular presidential vice in history. So Bush's approval is lower than Carter's lowest (28%), and glory haleleujah if he isn't closing in on Nixon's all-time RECORD low of 23%! By some accounts, he's already there.

A blast from the past via The American Prospect, April 2006:
The Question: Nixon's Approval Rating Hit 24 Percent. How Low Can W's Go?

“Keep praying, but it's unlikely. Bush's ratings among Republicans would not only have to dip below 70 percent -- where they've never been -- but below 60 percent.”
--Ruy Teixeira, writer/blogger

“Bush's situation is more like Truman's during the ‘Communism, Corruption, and Korea' days. I say he stays in the 30s through '06.”
--Pat Buchanan, American Conservative magazine

“Theoretically, he can go down to zero. But that would assume that he lost his family. Frankly, I think he may have already lost Neil.”
--Al Franken, Air America host

Doesn't it seem like everyone knows? Almost everyone?

And for all the Rufus fans out there:

And yet, the neocon agenda advances unabated as if they had any political capital whatsoever. So, here's what I wonder...

Does it make any difference if everyone knows, and what do you think will stop it in the end?

Open thread with question. Indulge me.

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