Wednesday, June 20, 2007

World Refugee Day

Iraqi children eat melon at a refugee camp for internally displaced people outside Najaf, Iraq, 160 kilometers (100 miles) south of Baghdad, Saturday, June 16, 2007. Some 1200 people took refuge here fleeing sectarian violence in central Iraq. (Photo: AP / Alaa al-Marjani)

As we observe the UN World Refugee Day today, the number of refugees has increased globally for the first time since 2002 to some 10 million persons, largely as a result of the crisis in Iraq. Considering that Sudan did fairly well last year—it was among the five nations with the most people voluntarily returning home, according to the U.N. report—Iraq may be well placed to take over the throne at the top of next year's FP Failed States Index.

I blogged about the plight of the thousands of new widows who have fled Iraq only to be forced or tricked into prostitution in order to feed their children here.

Visit Quaker Dave who regularly updates us on the plight of Darfur refugees.

A moment for meditation or prayer:

We take a walk because we choose to walk.
Refugees take a walk because they are forced to flee.
We drive on roads hoping not to hit pot holes.
Refugees drive on roads hoping not to hit land mines.
We dream of taking a leisurely boat ride.
Refugees dream of finding a safe landing.
We desire ice in our diet drink.
Refugees desire clean water to drink.
We are concerned about what to cook for dinner.
Refugees are concerned about where to find a scrap of food.
We worry about our closets getting too full.
Refugees worry about having only the clothes on their back.
We don't like having our toothpase squeezed in the middle.
Refugees don't like having no way to keep clean.
We despair that we will someday bury a relative.
Refugees despair that they have left a relative unburied.
We look forward to returning home after a long journey.
Refugees look forward to never being forced to return home.
We want to find protection for our standard of living.
Refugees want to find protection to live.
Lord, we ask for the faith and strength to bring an end to injustice. Credit:


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