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Iglesias Makes a Strong Case

Finally, Someone Who Can Handle the Truth

This Interview with David Iglesias at is very interesting. Iglesias talks about what questions he thinks should have been asked of Monica Goodling in her testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and why. Then he goes into the circumstantial evidence that answers the most important question, which thus far has been dodged by the administration so much they are starting to resemble a game of Whack-A-Mole.

Why Were These Prosecutors Fired? And by whom?

Iglesias, of New Mexico, is perhaps the most prominent of the US Attorneys asked to resign on Dec. 7, 2006. This is because he blew the whistle on Sen. Pete Domenici (R-otten to the core) and Rep. Heather Wilson for improper contacts they made over voter fraud cases they wanted filed before the 2006 mid-term elections. Using the timing of four of the dismissals, including his own, he shows that the real reason for them was that they made someone in the West Wing of the White House angry. And he seems to have formed a solid opinion of who that someone might be.
Iglesias told me that, while we still do not know how he and his colleagues were placed on the termination list, he does believe a "smoking gun" exists that will lead directly to Karl Rove and blow the scandal wide open.

"I believe somewhere on an RNC computer - on some server somewhere - there's an email from Karl Rove stating why we need to be axed," Iglesias told me in an hour-long interview.

Iglesias said Rove, former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and perhaps other officials are likely responsible for placing his name and the names of his colleagues on a list of US attorneys to be fired, because he had refused to launch federal investigations and prosecute individuals purely for partisan reasons.

"If the Justice Department didn't have anything to do with placing presidential appointees such as me and my colleagues on a list to be terminated, the only other possible place would be the White House," Iglesias said. "Harriet Miers, Karl Rove or some of their underlings."
That last paragraph shows a nice, clean use of the process of elimination. If the list didn't originate in the DoJ, there is only one other possibility. The West Wing. Not only does Iglesias put together a good circumstantial case that shows where this investigation should be directed, but in doing so he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt one other thing. He sure as hell wasn't fired for being stupid. It would be such delicious irony if he could be allowed to prosecute Rove - but it ain't gonna happen, because Iglesias has more integrity than the entire administration put together.

About the subtitle: I presume you know that Commander David Iglesias was the Navy JAG that the Tom Cruise character in A Few Good Men was based on. If not, you know now.

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