Sunday, June 03, 2007

Greg Palast Turns Over Smokin' Rove Emails to Rep. Conyers

If you've been following the story of the U.S. Attorneys Purge, you know it is a complicated network of scandals spider-webbing across the country.

Recently explosive emails obtained by BBC reporter Greg Palast--and supported by testimony given by Monica Goodling--implicated Karl Rove disciple and tainted appointee (by way of legislation sneaked into the Patriot Act) to the position of U.S. Attorney, Tim Griffin, in voter caging--a felony offense.

Air America's Randi Rhodes spoke to Palast last week, and that interview got the attention of House Judiciary Committee Chair, John Conyers. Palast met with Conyers since then, and Palast went on the air with Rhodes again yesterday to tell the tale.

By the way, Tim Griffin? He resigned.

Here's Randi Rhodes recounting the recent developments.
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Later, Randi was joined by Palast, who discussed his meeting with John Conyers.
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