Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Way to Stay Classy Alaska

I heard this on the local radio station today: The city of Fairbanks Alaska put an ice sculpture of Al Gore on display for the second year, supposedly to ridicule Gore's concern over climate change. Ooooh, clever.
"Why didn't the sculpture melt if global warming is true, huh?"
Short answer: It's fucking ALASKA in the middle of winter you fucktard!!

At any rate, a heinous site called Al Gore is bragging about how this year's 8,000 lb sculpture is so much better than last year's because 1) it has audio - Gore's Copenhagen speech from last month and 2) the statue this year has been hooked up to the exhaust of a pickup truck, so that it belches noxious fumes as Gore 'speaks.' Get it? Gore is full of hot air, and they're so smart that they'll idle a truck all day and ruin Fairbanks' air quality just to make that juvenile point. "They" being designer Craig Compeau (who apparently also runs the Al Gore Lies site) and sculptor Steve Dean. They're so proud of themselves they've made a YouTube video of the sculpture.

Gore gives Copenhagen Speech

Belches Truck Exhaust

Now I wouldn't want to get so snarky here that I point out that Alaska is a state that is utterly corrupted by the influence of oil, or that they gave us both Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin, two of the most corrupt and clueless politicians to ever belch hot air. This really puts pressure on the teabag crowd to come up with something even stoopuder. OTOH it makes it significantly reduces the effort Keith Olbermann has to put out for his next Worst Persons In The World segment.

Oh, and that radio show I was listening to? The story was being used in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada as a lead-in to a Public Service announcement reminding people of a by-law that goes into effect today. In Peterborough if you idle your vehicle for more than 2 minutes you face a $30 fine. Not everybody is in a hurry to destroy the planet.

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